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  • Xtra Disposables

    THC pens are a modern, convenient way to enjoy cannabis without the hassle of rolling or preparing joints! These devices look similar to an e-cigarette and are discreet enough to carry around with you.
  • Yoda Extracts 3000mg Tincture

    The bottle contains 3000mg THC which is around 600 drops. This an amazing healthy solution to anxiety, depression, and pain. THC tincture has a deeply relaxing body effect.
  • Zero premium Disposables

    BUY ZERO GRAVITY DISPOSABLE ONLINE, Not all vape cartridges are made equally. Forget all of the potential vape and bans illnesses that will you have seen in the headlines. Even after you have found reputable and safe brands, there is a still lot of information left to decipher before you pick a cartridge that is perfect for you. While you are picking, cannabis distillate is something you are confidently going to come across.
  • Zooterz Disposables

    Get everything you need for your busy day with a Zooter Disposable. This convenient, disposable adapter attaches to any standard sized toilet and allows you to quickly, effortlessly, and discreetly empty your bowels with zero mess. The Zooter Disposable is easy to use and refill, the perfect addition to any home when cleaning up after guests or trying out new recipes at home.